SSC corruption ‘mastermind’ Parthor, claims CBI


It’s like a game of chess. Partha Chattopadhyay did the SSC corruption by ‘dressing the knee’. For him, he removed many people from the post and brought people of his choice to the post. CBI has made such allegations.

In the charge sheet, CBI claims that former Education Minister Partha Chattopadhyay is the real mastermind in SSC recruitment corruption. SSC consultant and leader Shantiprasad Sinha was appointed to that post by Parthi. And for that, he started removing other officials of SSC by showing various reasons. According to the CBI charge sheet, former SSC chairperson Sharmila Mitra was removed by Perth. He brought Shantiprasad Sinha to that place. This is why Shantiprasad was brought in, so that fraud and illegal recruitment in SSC can be done at will. CBI mentioned one more incident. Partha Chattopadhyay started putting pressure on Prof. Soumitra Sarkar as former chairman of SSC. He pressured Parna Bose, an SSC official, to be transferred from the SSC headquarters to the Southern Regional Commission.

CBI claims, Soumitrababu did not agree to follow multiple orders of Partha Chatterjee . He even protested when recruitment corruption started before his eyes. Shantiprasad Sinha prepared 381 recommendation letters for ‘C’ and ‘D’ group jobs after the cancellation of the panel in 2019. It was he who sent those recommendation letters to the former president of the Madhyamik Parshad, Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay. Allegedly, those recommendation letters were prepared on the instructions of Partha Chattopadhyay. Seeing this corruption, Soumitra Sarkar as the chairman of SSC wrote a condolence letter to Shantiprasad Sinha on December 24, 2019. He was asked to answer.

It has been informed on behalf of the CBI that Parth Chattopadhyay expressed his anger on sending the letter of condolence. Soumitra Sarkar was removed from the post for ‘not participating in corruption’. Ashok Saha, the then head of SSC, was promoted to the post. Corruption is done through him. Parthababu did not take any action against Shantiprasad. CBI alleged that Partha Chattopadhyay also called Soumitrababu and warned him. But Soumitra Sarkar’s name is in the charge sheet. How he broke SSC rules and regulations is also shown. The CBI alleged that although Subiresh was not named in the charge sheet of SSC Group ‘C’ corruption, his role was also important. CBI said that role is also highlighted.

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