State clears 90 percent of health scheme dues


State covered the dues of private hospitals in “Swastha Sathi” scheme. According to sources, most of the dues have been settled by the state government. The state has cleared 90 percent of the arrears. In the current financial year, the allocation for health care projects was Rs. 2500 crores. According to sources, Rs. 1400 crores have already been spent. Incidentally, private hospitals have been accused of reluctance to admit patients under the health partner scheme. The patient’s family complained repeatedly. Private hospitals also put the burden on the government. The authorities claim that the state is reluctant to admit patients due to non-payment of dues. In view of which the government in turn demands that without checking the bill how will the government give money? Finally, the state government has cleared 90 percent of the arrears, according to sources.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has launched a health care scheme in the state under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana of the central government. 5 lakh rupees a year for medical treatment in the health partner scheme. Citizens can get health card from ‘Duare Sarkar’ camp. But by showing this card for treatment in private hospitals, complaints of harassment have been raised again and again. There have even been cases of patient death. Allegedly, health companion card is being returned from the hospital. And no return is given in writing. As a result, no proof of referral is available. Besides, the hospital has a health friendly ‘help desk’. But his control is in the hands of the hospital! As a result, who will be informed about the problem? Question mark on that. Besides, how will the evidence reach the government? There is also a question about that. A case was filed to solve the problem.
Mamata Banerjee gave repeated warnings regarding the situation
She even gave a warning to cancel the license. She said, ‘Many nursing homes are neglecting the health card. Government projects must be recognized. If not, their license may be cancelled’. At the same time health card is made mandatory for treatment in government hospitals. If someone does not have a health partner card, then the health department has also issued guidelines to make the card in the hospital with the proof of Aadhaar card.

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