A cyclonic circulation set to form over the Bay of Bengal will trigger moderate rain in Kolkata from the night of October 1 (Shashthi) to October 3 (Ashtami). While the last two days of the festival could see light to moderate rain, said the Met office. The showers can turn heavier if the system approaches the Bengal cost, it has been warned. The predicted circulation will be caused by Typhoon Noru, which is now brewing over the Pacific Ocean. It is set to cross Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar before reaching northeast and east-central Bay of Bengal as a cyclonic circulation. “It is still not clear if the circulation will further intensify into a low-pressure or a depression“.

But it will move towards either the Bengal or the Odisha coast. In either case, south Bengal and Kolkata will receive consistent rain. We expect spells of intense shower in the city between October 2 and 5,” said Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) director G K Das. The city is predicted to remain cloudy and the temperature could drop. “As the system nears the coast, south Bengal will start receiving moderate rain, which could intensify. We expect intense rain in Kolkata on October 2 and 3. The showers could be less intense the next two days but the city could still get moderate rain,” added Das.

South Bengal and Kolkata could receive scattered thunderstorms during this period. Since the day temperature is high and there is enough moisture, thunderstorms have been striking south Bengal districts. “Parts of Kolkata, too, could receive one but there will be no heavy rain till next week,” said Das. North Bengal may receive intermittent rain till October 3 after which the showers may get heavy.

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