Student suffers due to non payment of fees, detained till evening


A student belonging to the sixth standard in a private English medium school in Hindmotor went to school by poolcar. But after the evening went by, he did not return home! The family started searching for him. In the end, they found out from the poolcar driver that even though the rest were allowed to leave, the boy was detained at school! The student’s father filed a complaint at Uttarpara police station. After that, when he returned home, he saw that three people from the school had come to drop the student at home. Allegedly, those who came from school were detained for some time.The student’s father, however, admitted that he had not been able to pay the school fees since August. A phone call was also made from the school. He said he would settle the fee in November. But even then the student was allegedly detained in the school. School principal claimed that the school called several times, but the student’s parent did not show up. Even though he was called today, he did not come to school. The principal said the student was not detained. Instead, as no one came to pick him up, arrangements were made to send him home from school.

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