Sukanta Majumdar:’Thieves must be beaten and sent away’, Sukanta warns TMC ahead of Panchayat elections.


Sukanta Majumdar,warns Trinamool in upcoming panchayat elections.So all the rulers from the opposition are desperate to hold on to their land. That’s why the preparation is intense. The opposition party BJP is in a hurry to prepare for the polls. Similarly, State BJP President Sukant Majumder warned the Trinamool by attending a party program at Balurghat on Sunday. He said, ‘If the Trinamool terrorizes the upcoming panchayat elections, the BJP will retaliate.’

Majumdar went on to say that Banerjee used to be a part of the political campaign of the two arrested in the School Service Commission (SSC) scam. “TMC has been lying from the very beginning, Arpita Mukherjee is a political personality she used to be part of the political campaign of Partha Chatterjee and other programmes of TMC. They are trying to deny the charges,” he said.

We want to make it clear to the Trinamool Congress and the police administration that we believe in the democratic process, that we are peaceful, but not afraid to take up arms if necessary. When mother is hurt, we are forced to take up arms. Panchayat elections are coming next day, make your own region your own fortress, so that Trinamool Congress can’t steal votes, pledge that only then Vijaya Sammilani will be successful.’

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