SwiggyInstamart: “Please order 4212 more to make it 6969” said to Durex India


Durex India commented on Swiggy’s tweet about the high demand for condoms from Swiggy Instamart on New Year’s Eve, thanking Swiggy for delivering the condoms and stating that at least 2757 people were having a “banging” New Year. In response, Swiggy Instamart replied that the people who ordered those 2757 condoms were probably not reading the tweet at that moment.

The conversation between the two companies elicited responses from social media users, with some making jokes about the situation. On New Year’s Eve, Swiggy also delivered 3.50 lakh orders of biryani and over 60,000 orders of pizza. According to a poll conducted by the company on Twitter, the most popular type of biryani ordered was Hyderabadi, followed by Lucknowi and Kolkata.

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