Taj Mahal gets notice to pay Rs 1.5 Lakh for Property Tax and Rs 1 Crore Water Tax for the first time in the History


India’s biggest tourist attraction, the Taj Mahal, was notified to pay Property Tax and Water Bill which has caused a stir among Indians. No property tax or water tax was paid or required for the monument till date. In this situation, a notice was sent to Taj Mahal for payment of house tax and water tax. So who is the owner of Taj Mahal..?

For the first time in its history, the Agra Municipal Corporation of Uttar Pradesh has issued a notice to the central government-run Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) giving Rs 1.9 crore in water tax and Rs 15 lakh in property tax. The Archaeological Survey of India has asked the Agra Municipal Corporation to pay the fee within 15 days. It also warns that if the tax is not paid within the set deadline, action will be taken against the property. Archaeologist Raj Kumar Patel of the Archaeological Survey of India told reporters about the Agra Municipal Corporation’s announcement that it would not impose a property tax on national monuments. You don’t have to pay taxes on water because the water is not used commercially. Water is only used to maintain the greenery around the Taj Mahal. Raj Kumar Patel also said the Taj Mahal’s water tax and property tax had been levied for the first time, which may have been sent by mistake.

Taxes are currently based on data provided by the Geographic Information System “GIS”. In Uttar Pradesh, tax assessments are sent to private bodies. The Taj Mahal was designated a National Monument of India in 1920. Even under British rule, the monument was not subject to a house or water tax, according to officials from the Indian Archeology Department.

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