Taylor Swift’s Alleged Dating Rumours: Who’s Name is Written on the ‘Blank Space’?


With every Swiftie going into detective mode to investigate Taylor Swift’s new rumoured boyfriend Matty Healy; here’s some light on the controversies related to him

Ruling the entire music industry with her ongoing Eras Tours, the 33-year-old American songwriter, producer and singer Taylor Swift has taken the internet by storm in the last few months. Earlier, it was majorly about the flawless performances at her concerts but recently, the limelight has shifted to her dating life. Her fans, popularly known as ‘Swifties’, have been active and vocal in expressing their views on the reports and news of her dating partners. Interestingly, Swifties are busy with business now.

After various media houses and journalists confirmed her break up with the English actor Joe Alwyn after their 6-year relationship, the sites saw a new name on the trends. It was the lead vocalist and lyricist of the pop rock band ‘The 1975’ – Matthew Timothy Healy. The fans seem to be unhappy and “Done with Taylor Swift” owing to Matty’s controversial image around the globe. He has been labelled “problematic, racist, misogynist and anti-semitic”. Although, how much of it is true, is still a mystery to solve; but here is some light on the dangerous narratives floating with his name all over the internet.

Starting from Healy’s March 2016 statement that he would “feel emasculated” if he was dating a more popular artist like Taylor Swift to his episode of The Adam Friedland’s podcast in February 2023, where he was making a racial joke involving Ice Spice, he was cancelled across all social media platforms. However, later in April 2023, during his concert, he was seen apologizing for the jokes made. The singer is vocal about his political inclination has expressed his anti-Trump views on stage. He also got banned from the UAE after giving a heartfelt speech condemning the anti-LGBTQ+ laws there and kissing a fan in Dubai in 2019.

Although he claims to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and a mental health conversationist, not everyone is convinced by his words on stage. They still argue that being a white male in this music industry comes with a lot of privilege which he fails to identify and derives benefits from.

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