TCS says moonlighting is an ethical issue and against its core values and culture.


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said on Monday ‘moonlighting’ is against its core values, adding that the company will however, come up with its final views only after taking into account all the relevant dimensions.

The company’s chief executive officer and managing director Rajesh Gopinathan said that an employee is barred from working for any other organisation as part of the service contract. He said that TCS has a long term commitment towards its employees and the employees also have a “reciprocal commitment” towards the company, and also acknowledged that at present its peers in the IT industry may have different views on the subject.Further, he said the company has been communicating its stance on moonlighting lately but did not elaborate.

In current weeks, CXOs withinside the IT enterprise had been presenting various takes almost about moonlighting. Over the beyond few months, the IT enterprise has been confronted with a manpower scarcity induced via way of means of a excessive call for for offerings following the more adoption of digitalisation following the pandemic.

While some like Tech Mahindra have supported the idea of side jobs, others like Infosys, Wipro have flagged concerns about it. Infosys had last month warned employees against the practice of moonlighting and said that employees found doing so could be terminated from services. In an email sent to employees titled “No Double Lives”, the company said, dual employment is not permitted as per the Employee Handbook and the Code of Conduct. Any violation of these clauses will lead to disciplinary action which could even lead to termination of employment.”

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