Teachers broke her hand with the drilling machine


Horrible! A student is a victim of extreme torture by the teacher inside the school.Unable to speak, a teacher drilled his hand with a drilling machine. There has been a lot of excitement around the incident in Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The teacher asked the name of the upper primary school student. He could not say it correctly as he did not memorize it. As a punishment for not being able to say the name, the teacher drilled his hand with a drilling machine! Then a student in the class unplugged the machine. The insident spread inside the school. The school authorities sent the student home after coming to know. The student went home and informed the parents about the incident. They rushed to protest in the school premises. The investigation of the whole matter has already started. If found guilty, the teacher will face severe punishment, the school authorities said.

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