TET : Application deadline extended


Application deadline extended for primary education recruitment. The application deadline has been extended to 21 November. The Board of Primary Education first issued a notification and fixed the deadline for applications till November 14. That deadline was extended by one week to November 21. Incidentally, it was initially anticipated that the application deadline was going to increase.Board sources said yesterday that the deadline for initial applications is increasing. The deadline is increasing for candidates who have secured 82 marks. For the rest, no decision has yet been made regarding the extension of time. This time the board extended the application deadline for everyone. The deadline has been extended due to difficulties in submitting online applications. The board has also issued a new notification in this regard. It is worth noting that yesterday, the judge of the CBI special court gave an opinion in favour of the arrest of the job aspirants in the case of changing the marks in the TET case. Several candidates have increased their marks through influence. The judge raised a question on not arresting the candidates who increased the marks. In response, the investigating officer of CBI said that a list of 677 candidates has been prepared whose numbers have been swapped.Hearing what the judge wanted to know, how many of them have been questioned. In reply, the CBI officer then said that so far 4 people. The judge was surprised to hear that and wanted to know how long it will take to interrogate 677 people. Besides, the question arose that why were not they directly arrested as they also conspired to increase the marks. However, the CBI informed that their statements have been recorded. But the judge was not satisfied with that answer. He was of the opinion that the interrogation and statement of the accused could have been recorded even in custody.

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