The ‘living dead’ job seekers put on white clothes today.


Salt lake TET agitation, job seekers on the fourth day created another scene. Protest is still going on and job seekers were seen lying on the streets one after another with white clothes on. They say they are ‘living corpses‘.

The movement is going on on an empty stomach. Water did not go down from the throat. Many others are sick. But they are stubborn in the movement. The sound is not coming out of the throat, slogans are going on in it. Tet passes and trainees are on hunger strike in front of Acharya Prafullachandra (APC) Bhavan, the office of the Board of Primary Education in Karunamayi, Salt Lake, demanding jobs. The president of the board has already informed that the demand is unfair, it will not be accepted. Education Minister Bratya Basu also said the same thing. In his words, “There has been such a day in India? A panel has come out, and everyone in the panel has to be given a job.” But the job seekers did not give up on the demand.

Job, job seeker and job giver, the movement is getting strong in three words. A protester said, “In some cases, I have seen that the government has taken exceptional decisions, why is it not happening in this case?” One of the protestors said, “I almost died.” I am fighting the last fight. If I want to die, I will die here.”

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