The Trailer Launch of Sandip Ray’s Mega Christmas Release, ‘Hatyapuri’


On 2nd December, 2022 Shadow Films & Ghoshal Media Entertainment, launched the trailer of their upcoming Mega Christmas release at The Bhawanipur House. Satyajit Ray’s edge-of-the-seat trailer, ‘Hatyapuri’ directed by Mr. Sandip Ray. The movie stars Indraneil Sengupta as Feluda, Abhijit Guha as Jatayu, Ayush Das as Topshe. Veteran actor Paran Bandopadhyay will be seen in the movie along with Saheb Chatterjee & Bharat Kaul among others.

Hatyapuri’ is one of such stories where Feluda goes to Puri, a famous tourist destination along with his cousin, fondly known as Topshe, and close friend and renowned author, Lalmohan Ganguly (pen name Jayatu) but eventually gets roped in complications that led him to brush up his crime – solving expertise all over again. It is one of the masterpiece crime thrillers written by the legend, Late Shri Satyajit Ray featuring the sleuth, Feluda. This gripping story written in 1979 is so contemporary. Sandip Ray has given a very stylised treatment to the story. “We are all geared up to present to our audience a new Feluda, Lalmohan Babu and Topshe, in Indraneil Sengupta, Abhijit Guha & Ayush Das, who are bound to enthral all with their performances”, said Anjan Ghoshal and Shyam Sundar Dey on behalf of Ghosal Media Entertainment & Shadow Films.

The cinematographer of the movie is Mr. Shashanka Palit. The editor is Mr. Subrata Roy, the dialogues are penned down by Mr. Sandip Roy himself. Mr. Anup Mukhopadhyay has designed the sound, Mr. Ananda Adya is the Art Director and the actors are styled by Ms. Lalita Ray. To know the rest, you will have to wait till 23rd December, 2022 when Hatyapuri, presented by Ghoshal Media Entertainment in association with Shadow Films releases across Multiplexes and Single Screens.

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