Thermalytix – A Novel Breast Cancer Screening Solution


Rotary Club of Calcutta Suncity in collaboration with Niramai , Lupin Oncology & Dr Ghose’s Cancer Care Centre have organised for the first time in Kolkata, a novel breast cancer screening solution

Kolkata: The process is known as THERMALYTIX. The whole process is a non-contact, non-invasive and is completely privacy aware screening procedure to detect breast cancer. This screening method will also break the inhibition and stigma of the ladies who would not like to be examined in the conventional way.

Dr. Apurba Ghose, 43-year experienced Onco-surgeon, specialised in Breast Cancer, Director of Dr. Ghose’s Cancer Care Centre & President of Rotary Club of Calcutta Suncity have taken the initiative of introducing this unique screening program for the benefit of Early Breast Cancer Detection & Awareness of a much-dreaded disease thus saving many lives.

NIRAMAI is the pioneer of a patented technology called Thermalytix which is a novel fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Thermography for Breast Screening. NIRAMAI early-stage breast cancer screening solution is a non- contact, non-invasive, portable, safe, automated solution that works for women of all ages.

“Knowing it Exists is not Enough, Lets fight this Together with Early Detection”.



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