TMC Worker Death due to a Bomb Explosion


A bomb explosion in West Bengal’s Birbhum district resulted in the death of a TMC worker, Newton Sheikh, and injured two others. The family of the deceased claims that members of the Congress party were responsible for the attack. One of the injured, Laltu Sheikh, is in critical condition and receiving treatment in the coronary care unit. The explosion occurred in Margram village and police have increased security and are investigating the incident. A similar bombing occurred in the same area last March, which resulted in the death of a TMC panchayat leader.

The victims were quickly taken to Rampurhat sub-division hospital for medical attention after being injured. The police have increased their presence and security measures at the scene.

A group of people were near the hospital mod when they heard an explosion around 10 PM. Police officers have arrived at the site of the explosion and are conducting a thorough investigation.In March of last year, a TMC panchayat leader named Bhadu Pradhan was killed in a suspected bomb attack in Birbhum. The attack involved unknown individuals throwing crude bombs in Rampurhat.

Firoz Islam, the nephew of deceased TMC worker Newton Seikh said, “Bombs were thrown randomly. A few miscreants from the Congress party threw bombs at them. Hearing the sound of an explosion, we rushed and found that injured people were lying on the road. My uncle Newton Shaikh died while he was being taken to hospital. It is a political matter, they hold grudges. The people who hurled bombs are former BJP workers and now they are in the Congress party.”

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