Two Women committed to empower women of West Bengal with several projects


News Desk : The phrase ‘women’s empowerment’ is completely worthless without economic development of women. No matter how much food, health or education is provided, until every woman in the country has a respectable earning, ‘women’s empowerment’ will remain just words, says former Mrs. Asia International Karli Bose, (Mrs. Asia International 2013) and an independent woman Shreelalitha. At this moment, two women are in love with Bengali literary culture and Bengali people. One is a non-resident Indian and the other is a non-Bengali from Hyderabad. In love with Bengal and Bengali, the first goal of Karli Bose, the successful Bengali woman settled in US is to jump into the development and improvement of Bengal by building a voluntary organization, whereas the one and only desire of Sreelalitha is to immerse herself in the immense sea of ​​literary culture of Bengal.

Karli Bose, a mother of two, has been living in USA for last more than 20 years. This independent woman involved in Banking industry. She was also honored with the title of ‘Mrs. Asia International’ in 2013.

On the other hand, Sreelalitha, an independent and professional in Public Relation and Marketing from Hyderabad is a professional singer and dancer also, is a non-Bengali, but one has to feel proud as a Bengali that she comes to Kolkata for Bengali dramas, journeys, films and culture many times.

Many people from West Bengal and all over India travel to South India. While almost everyone raves about the music, dance, films, food and hospitality there. But Sreelalitha’s words of sweetness, literature and culture are enough to bring happiness to the hearts of Bengalis. Sreelalitha was more attracted by the physical postures of the Drama artistes before she could properly understand the Bengali language. And that unmistakable attraction has made him attracted to Bengali literary culture day by day.  Although she still does not feel comfortable speaking in Bengali, at least she has no problem in understanding Bengali. According to Sreelalitha “Positive mentality of allowing women to put into practice the education they have received can be the only key to social progress.”

Karli Bose, belong to Howrah district of West Bengal, now settle in US, is amazed to see this Bengal. Can’t match the West Bengal of her childhood with the West Bengal of this moment. In an emotional voice she said, “Compared to our time, there has been progress in West Bengal in many areas.”

Apart from praising West Bengal in various fields, she also said, “A mother can give birth to a healthy society. Therefore, the state and the country should focus on the overall development and improvement of women from the very beginning. The state must first focus on ensuring that every girl from birth has access to nutritious food, essential medical services, formal and higher education.”

Karli said, “More development is needed, more empowerment of women is needed. Until the role of women in the socio-economic field is visible, criminal activities like oppression of women must be stopped.” Even after spending a long time abroad, Karli still could not forget her native place, her place of birth and nurture, West Bengal.

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