Ukraine will endure this winter: Zelenskyy’s defiant Christmas message


Ukraine will endure this winter: Zelenskyy’s defiant Christmas message “Ukrainians will perform their own miracle this Christmas by showing they will not give in despite the Russian aggression that has plunged millions into darkness. We have held out in the early days of the war, we have endured attacks, threats, nuclear blackmail, terrorism and missile attacks. We will endure this winter because we know what we are fighting for,” Zelensky said. Russia launched war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, killing tens of thousands and displacing millions. Russian missile and drone strikes have left millions of Ukrainians without electricity, heating and running water.

“Even in complete darkness, we hold each other tight. And without heat, we hold each other for a long time to keep each other warm,” he said. Zelensky thanks PM Modi for support in Russia-Ukraine war, second era not fit for war. “We will smile and be happy, as always. There is one difference – we will not wait for a miracle, since we are creating it ourselves.”Zelenskyy denounced the attack in Kherson which targeted civilians and not military facilities. “This is not war according to defined rules,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. “It is terror. It is killing for the sake of intimidation and pleasure.”

Russia has been bombing Ukraine with missiles and drones since October, damaging the country’s energy infrastructure. Power generation systems have been severely damaged, and millions of Ukrainians living in big cities endure the cold without water and heating.Heavy fighting continued in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region where Russian forces attacked Bakhmut on Saturday. “We’ve been fighting them for over 300 days and eight years. Are we going to let them get what they want?” he said, referring to Russia’s occupation of Crimea in 2014.

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