Upset due to pollution, this time the residents protested on the road


Villagers take to the streets against pollution.

Alleging that pollution is spreading from a factory in the area, they staged a protest on Thursday and tried to block the national highway. However, the blockade was quickly lifted with the intervention of the police. The incident took place near Alampur of Howrah Sankrail. Residents of two villages in the area protested. Villagers complain that pollution is spreading in the area from the waste of a factory near Alampur. Due to which common people are in trouble. In addition to physical illness, the crops of the fields are being destroyed. They have been forced to walk the protest road as there is no solution despite repeated requests. A protester alleged that apart from deaths due to pollution, the number of patients suffering from respiratory problems in the area is increasing day by day. But the factory authorities have no idea about this. So they joined the protest under compulsion.

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