West Bengal CM’s Condolences for PM’s loss


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has expressed condolences for the passing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother, Heeraben Modi, and stated that she will not bring up the issue of the state’s financial dues during this time of mourning.

“I have already written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about this on previous occasions. It’s time for his mourning and I won’t say anything more now,” Banerjee told a press conference.

Banerjee has previously written to Modi requesting the clearing of the MGNREGA dues for the West Bengal government. During a virtual event for the inauguration of railway projects in West Bengal on the day of Heeraben Modi’s death, Banerjee stated that the mother is irreplaceable and offered her condolences on behalf of the people of West Bengal. Heeraben Modi passed away at a hospital in Ahmedabad on Friday after being admitted on Wednesday. PM Modi rushed to Ahmedabad upon learning of his mother’s death and was seen paying his respects at her residence.

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