West Bengal: Female Birth Ratio Declines


The Union Health Ministry has warned the West Bengal government about the decreasing number of female births compared to male births in the state, as reported in the latest sample registration survey (SRS). The female-to-male ratio in West Bengal declined from 944 in 2017 to 936 in 2020, while the national ratio improved from 903 in 2017 to 907 in 2020.

The state Health Department has acknowledged the letter from the Union Health Ministry and stated that it is taking the issue seriously. The department has been attempting to prevent the illegal determination of fetal sex under the Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994, but the latest SRS report suggests that this practice is still occurring in some areas due to the involvement of certain doctors and diagnostic centers. The official believes that addressing this trend will require a wider awareness program in addition to strict law enforcement.

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