The West Bengal government employees are holding a day-long protest on March 10, 2023, demanding a hike in dearness allowance.

The protesting employees of 18 organizations are demanding that their DA be raised to the level of what their counterparts in the central government get. They have been warned that the absence from work on the day of the protest will be treated as a break in service and no salary will be admissible unless such absence is covered by hospitalization of the employees or if there is bereavement in the family, severe illness, and absence continuing prior to March 9.

The government has issued an order on March 9, 2023, stating that all state government offices, including those provided with grants-in-aid by the state, such as educational institutions, shall remain open on March 10, 2023, and all employees will report for duty on that day. The order further added that the absence of employees on the day will be treated as dies-non.

“No Casual Leave or any other kind of leave for absence either in the first half of the day or in the second half or for the whole day shall be granted to any employee on March 10,” the order said.

The protesting employees have ignored warnings of action and have said they will continue to hold protests until their demands are addressed. One of the leaders of the agitating bodies has said that whatever step the government takes, they will observe the strike.It remains to be seen how the situation will develop and whether the government and the protesting employees will come to a resolution.

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