West Bengal: Snake found in Mid-day Meal, Subhash Sarkar on this Insident


Union Minister of State for Education, Subhash Sarkar, has launched a joint mission to evaluate the mid-day meal scheme in West Bengal. The mission, which consists of 13 central team members, including education ministry officials, a nutritionist, and a representative from Unicef, will be conducted from January 30 to February 6, 2023. The mission was prompted after 30 students from a primary school in Mayureswar block became ill after consuming food from the mid-day meal program and a school staff member claimed that a snake was found in one of the containers. The minister and the joint review mission held a meeting with state education department officials to discuss the situation.

“The team will visit 5 districts and review their functioning in 33 parameters. We have already released Rs 842 crore to the state under this scheme, now the state has to contribute 40 per cent. This review is being conducted for the betterment of the children,” he said.

The minister told that the 13th Joint Review Mission (JRM) would visit West Bengal from January 30 to February 6, 2023.

“This mission is going to work regarding the mid-day meal being given in schools so that the quality of mid-day meals can be improved in the state. JRM will review the implementation of the scheme at the state, district and school levels for a specified period on defined parameters,” the minister said.

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