What is the source of Sukanya’s prosperity, interrogates ED


She is a primary school teacher by profession. Despite this, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) today interrogated Trinamool leader Anubrata Mandal’s daughter Sukanya for about eight hours in Delhi about the source of her crores of income and property.

According to ED sources, Sukanya could not give any answer to the investigating officers about the source of huge amount of land, property, paddy, fixed deposit in bank account in her name. Even before 2014, her annual income was around Rs 3 lakh. The central agency has learned from the information received that her annual income has reached close to 1 crore rupees in the last two years. According to that source, Sukanya’s name is in the ownership of a rice mill in Bolpur. She is the director of two companies. The bank has fixed deposits of over a crore. Meanwhile, Sukanya is a teacher at Kalikapur Primary School in Bolpur. CBI, ED investigators have traced all these properties in the name of his daughter along with Anubrata while investigating the cow smuggling case. They suspected that Anubrata’s daughter Sukanya’s property, like his bodyguard Sehgal Hossain’s, had swelled with the income from cow smuggling. According to sources, she was shown the property documents at the ED headquarters in Delhi today. Where did so much wealth come from, it was asked. But the investigators claimed that Sukanya could not give any explanation.

Sukanya was summoned to Delhi for the first time on October 28. She did not appear on that day. She was summoned again today. She entered the ED headquarters at 10 am and left at 6:30 p.m
after Anubrata’s bodyguard Sehgal is also now in ED custody in Delhi. Assets worth more than 100 crore rupees have also been found in his name. A quarter of an hour before Sukanya entered the ED office, Sehgal was also brought to the government hospital for health check-up as per the rules. The ED told Delhi’s Rouse Avenue court that Sehgal will be cross-examined in the presence of aggrieved relatives. Although Sehgal and Sukanya were at the ED headquarters at the same time today, the ED investigators did not reveal about whether they were interrogated face to face. The ED told the court that Sehgal’s wife, brother-in-law and mother have been summoned for questioning. Today Sehgal’s wife Somaiya Khandkar said, “I don’t know anything. Call CBI, ED and find out what to know.” Family sources claim that Somaiya and her mother-in-law were at Domkal in Murshidabad today.

Anubrata’s accountant Manish Kothari was also questioned on this day. Rajeev Bhattacharya, a rice mill owner close to Anubrata, will be questioned in Delhi on Thursday. As long as Sukanya was interrogated today, her relatives and friends waited in the car outside the ED office. Rajiv’s close friends have also moved to Delhi. It was also alleged in the court that Sukanya got a job in Bolpur’s Kalikapur Primary School without passing TET. It is further alleged that she did not attend school, the attendance book was taken to her house and signed. According to school sources, she is now on leave. Pradesh Congress president Adhir Chowdhury said, “I have nothing to say about Anubrata’s daughter. I feel bad Sbe did not smuggle cows. How will she know where the money went.”

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