‘when I decide, no obstacle stands in my way’, said Arjun Mukherjee, the renowned personal coach and nutritionist


News Desk : Arjun Mukherjee, the renowned personal coach and nutritionist, shares his realization with Times Bangla. After establishing himself as a certified personal coach and nutritionist and reaching the pinnacle of success, he has already proven himself as a personal coach to many famous actors and actresses. Not only has he established himself as a personal coach and nutritionist, another aspect of his success is that Arjun is a very popular social media influencer. Arjun Mukherjee is currently working as Josh Bangla Digital Creator of SVF, Bengal’s largest production house. As a social media influencer has associated with several personalities and organizations and helped them in their online marketing. Currently working as Head Coach and HR at a well-known Fitness App. Also participated as a cage fighter in MMS held in Delhi and won the league superfight. Talking about his success, Arjun said, ‘I used to work in a call center. At that time I became health concious and started going to the gym. While visiting the gym, I realized that I could also start my career as a gym instructor. Although at first my family did not accept it at all. Because I had to face the problem of suddenly switching from one profession to another in terms of earning and my family objected to this decision. But in this situation, when I decide to establish myself as a coach, no obstacle stands in my way. At that time I had to struggle a lot. Because the amount I was earning was reduced. However, my hard work never let me look back. I have worked with many celebrities and trained them. In the coming days, I would definitely like to serve more people and support their good health. In order to establish yourself as a personal trainer, the first thing that is required is proper training and after that, of course, getting the necessary certification. Because only a certified trainer can work as a coach. I think our youth who want to establish themselves in this profession must get proper training and certification first.’

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