Where the water came from should be investigated: Chief Minister, met the families of the Harpa Bane victims


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee met the families of Harpa Bane victims on Dasami. Besides, he commented that investigation of Malbazar case is necessary. Mamata visited North Bengal on Monday. In the afternoon, he met the family of 6 people who were swept away by the Harpa bus. After meeting everyone, Mamata said, “Everyone was happy during the puja. A lot of people came to our festival. Everyone had a good time. But disaster strikes in some families. Malbazar incident was like that. 8 people died in Harpa Ban. I myself went to the house of 6 people and met them. There is another family. But I saw the news that they were gone. Another family is not home at the moment. Otherwise, we would all have gone home.”On October 5, when the idol was being immersed in the Mal River, Harpa Ban suddenly came. A total of 8 people died. The opposition blamed the administration for this accident. They claim that this accident could have been avoided if the administration took action. The political debate continues. In this situation, Mamata met the families of the dead and expressed their condolences.

At the same time, the Chief Minister praised Mohammad Manik, who saved many lives from the bosom of the Kharsrota river that day by despising his own life. Manik, a resident of Jalpaiguri, went to see Tagore’s sacrifice that day. But seeing the disaster before his eyes, he could not keep himself still. A few other youths of Duars like Manik jumped in with disregard for their lives that day. In the Chief Minister’s words, “Thank you to Manik and all those who saved so many lives that day. In this way, the boys of the neighborhood will come forward in danger.

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