You are Working Hard to Earn Money – Is Your Money Working Hard Too?


Personal Finance Management, one of the most crucial aspects in the modern era

Kolkata: The city based personal finance professionals’ duo of Malhar Majumder and Shibaji Bose hosted an event on Managing Personal Finance at a star destination in Kolkata. This was well attended by more than a hundred professionals, retired and corporate executives and businessmen.

Deliberating on the critical values of managing money, Shibaji Bose – Partner of Positive Vibes, who is also an ex-banker and a renowned author of fiction, emphasised the four cornerstones of their practice.

Four Cornerstones

Client’s Interest First
Open and honest communication
Neither greed nor fear
Relationship for a lifetimete

The audience found it cheerful when complicated money management concepts like ‘Volatality’, ‘Risk and Reward’, ‘Asset Allocation’, ‘Compounding’, ‘Goal’, ‘Investment’ and ‘Speculation’ were illustrated using Magic and Mind Reading.

Malhar Majumder, FCMA and ACS, who has written more than a hundred personal finance articles since 2005, has a unique take on the conception and design of the day’s program. Investors are getting bombarded with trends, information, suggestions, and data every milli-second of their waking life. It has its dopamine effect, but it also steals attention and makes people restless. Investing in such a state will be a chaotic disorder. “Hence, we tried to offer the investors a program that orients them to identify their own needs and then align them with investment products. This will help them to remain calm against short-term volatility and confident that their final objective is achieved”.

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