Zee Bangla Launches New Mega Serial ‘Phulki’ with an Exciting ‘Cyclothon’


The Cyclothon Was Flagged Off By Mr. Debashis Sen, Chairman, New Town Kolkata Development Authority, Mr. Aloke Kumar Sanyal, Assistant Commissioner of Police – Traffic, Kolkata Police & Ms. Navnita Chakraborty, Business Head – ZEE Bangla

Kolkata: Zee Bangla, one of the leading Bengali General Entertainment Channels, launched a new mega serial ‘Phulki’ starring audience favorite, Abhishek Bose & debutante, Divyani Mondol and directed by Rajendra Prasad Das. ZEE Bangla also organized a unique and exciting event, the Cyclothon, as a part of the launch ceremony at Novotel, Rajarhat. With boundless enthusiasm, 75 couples came together to participate in this exciting endeavour in the morning. The Cyclothon served as a powerful symbol of the upcoming drama, Phulki, and its core themes of resilience and togetherness. The Cyclothon, which also marked World Cycling Day, was flagged of by Mr. Debashis Sen, Chairman, New Town Kolkata Development Authority, Mr. Aloke Kumar Sanyal, Assistant Commissioner of Police – Traffic, Kolkata Police & Ms. Navnita Chakraborty, Business Head – ZEE Bangla.

Ms. Navnita Chakraborty also introduced Phulki and its cast and crew members. Phulki is a story A love story of opposites where the pessimist boy is stuck up in his dark past and the optimist girl who lives in present and wants to make a bright future.

“Zee Bangla, as a leading Bengali Entertainment Channel, narrates varied stories which are very much relevant today. In our new mega, Phulki, we are focussing on a completely different take on the institution of love and passion. Here, the story of Phulki portrays the journey of two individuals who, despite their contrasting backgrounds and struggles, find love and inspiration in each other. Through their relationship, they learn to confront their pasts, overcome challenges, and embrace a brighter future together. Join us on this enchanting journey of love, resilience, and self-redemption, as we unveil a world where love knows no boundaries and dreams know no limits. To highlight the spirit of togetherness, love and shared dreams we arranged a Cyclothon. This event not only celebrate the essence of Phulki but also encourages the joy of bonding,’’ said Mr. Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer – East, Zee Bangla.

“Love has the power to heal wounds, ignite dreams and redefine our lives. In ‘Phulki,’ we witness the beautiful union of Phulki and Rohit, two souls entangled in the tapestry of fate. It is a story that exemplifies the strength of a resilient underprivileged girl and the transformative power of love. Through Phulki’s unwavering spirit and Rohit’s journey of self-discovery, we are reminded that our past does not define us, but rather, it is our present that shapes our future. ‘Phulki’, like a spark, is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the ability to find solace, hope and a new way of living amidst life’s trials,” said Ms. Navnita Chakraborty, Business Head – ZEE Bangla.

ZEE Bangla continues to create unforgettable experiences that bring people together and celebrate the power of love. Divyani Mondal will be seen in the title role of Phulki, a bright & mentally strong underprivileged girl Phulki while Abhishek Basu is playing the male protagonist, Rohit, an ex-boxer who is trying to cope with his past trauma of disgrace and a burden of being responsible for his brother’s death. While the boy is trapped in past, the girl deals with life’s problems positively and wants to move ahead. They meet and get married accidentally. Phulki slowly and steadily brings in positive vibe in the boy and the family, deals with the brother-in-law and shows new way of living to the boy. But she gets disheartened to learn that Rohit still loves his ex-wife, Shalini. On the other hand, Rohit tries to find a new way of living by realising his dream of being a champion boxer through Phulki and at the same time can’t forget his past with Shalini. While dealing with his past and present simultaneously Rohit realises what is best for him.

Other cast members of Phulki include Sohon Bandyopadhyay, Mishka Halim, Sudip Sarkar, Ankita Majhi, Sanjay Basu, Ridhis Chowdhury, Arpita Mondal, Ayendri Roy, Koushambi Chakraborty & Avery Singha Roy, who were also present for this grand launch.

To enjoy the story, mounted with stellar performances, watch Phulki, produced by Zee Bangla, from 12th June 2023, Monday to Sunday at 7.30 pm on Zee Bangla.

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Zee Bangla is an Indian general entertainment pay television channel broadcasting in the Bengali language. It is owned by the Zee Entertainment Enterprises. It is the first Bengali-language satellite television channel in India, which officially commenced broadcast on 15 September, 1999. The channel was first launched as Alpha Bangla which was later renamed to Zee Bangla on 28th March, 2005. The channel launched its HD version on 20th November 2016.

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